Sunday, 10 July 2011

Teeth Whitening: Whitening Lightening Pen + Dial A Smile Kit

First up I'm going to talk about the 'Super Booster Pen', i love this pen! I was a bit skeptical at first, but after the first use i loved it. 
You simply brush it on dry teeth, keep your mouth open for a minute - in that time it starts to foam (slightly), instantly making your teeth look whiter, once you close your mouth the foam goes but your teeth still look white! 
I got this out in the ladies room + a load of girls where asking about it, they couldn't believe how amazing it was. Instant white teeth!
After constant use (best results left on overnight) your teeth gradually become whiter in 14 days. 
In my opinion this is must have for your bag/purse!

RRP: $79...but i managed to get you a great deal! Use code: foxypen to get $50 off!!!
Buy here: Booster Pen

Up next is the 'Dial A Smile' whitening kit - this kit comes with:
A shade dial, dispensing dish, LED light, gel syringe (3 treatments worth), 3 teeth wipes, 1 application brush + 3 vitamin E swabs.

I used this product on a friend as my teeth were already white on the dial shade, my friend has slightly darker teeth so i knew it would have much more noticeable results. 
After the first treatment their teeth whitened by 2-3 shades! There are so many teeth whitening products out there that take so long for any results to show but with this kit (+ pen!) you see results straight away. 

It's so much easier + less expensive doing home whitening kits than going to your dentist - but you need to know you can trust the product you are using. Whitening Lighting did not make our teeth sensitive at all, i previously used the crest 2hr strips that made my teeth kill! I literally thought i had damaged my teeth forever but luckily they were fine, but honestly the results were minimal if none! 

I noticed results straight away with these products - i would highly recommend them.

RRP: $399, use my code foxykit to get $300 of your kit, only $99! :)



  1. Hi Imogen, those products look great and I'm thinking of trying them out. Do you know how much postage to the UK is? I've tried looking on their site but I can't find it in FAQs etc, and once I've added an item to my basket I have to register and give my billing details to move on (and see postage), which there's not much point in doing if I'm still thinking about it.


  2. I'm definitely going to buy the pen! What a great item, especially when you're on the run. xx

  3. Im always on the lookout for teeth whitening products. Think i mite buy the sounds really good!!

    Nats. xx

  4. Ooo this product sounds amazing! I know what you mean about those Crest Whitening Strips. I have used them when they first came out years ago - that stuff wasn't as strong as the newer ones on the market now. I tried a sample in the mail of one of the later Crest Whitestrips and it made my teeth painfully sensitive :S I thought I damaged my tooth enamel too like you said.
    I'm going to look into this and shipping to Canada for sure. Thanks for sharing the coupon code!

  5. I just bought the whitening pen! Cant wait to try it!
    It worked out £18 for the pen.. with postage £23 altogether! Bargain!

  6. Woa amaizing! Ill try it for sure :D

  7. ah i really want to try these, maybe when i have a bit more money :(

  8. This looks awesome! Definitely going to try it out, thanks for the review :)

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  9. Hi Imogen!! I saw your tutorial on the Eyeko site! You are a fantastic teacher and I love your style. You will definitely be added to the beauty and fashion blogs I read daily! Can't wait to see more posts!

  10. These look great and who can deny those are amazing deals. I think I'll check the pen out hopefully it works as well for me as it did for you.


  11. I really like your products which make my teeth white and attractive so i really want to try these.I already use soleTeeth Whitening Kits .If your pen will more effective,i will change it...

  12. I am sure try this product and saw the result of teeth whitening pens

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  14. I think I will try this out! Thanks for the review. Now following your blog :D
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