Saturday, 14 May 2011

Birthday 'Outfit Of The Day' + China!

For my 23rd i took a little trip to China with my boyfriend. It was such a great experience. China was everything i imagined...big, bold + busy!

I wanted to share some photos from my trip, the outfit i wore on my Birthday, the amazing hotel i stayed in + a few sight seeings....

Birthday outfit of the day.
I had the most amazing Green Tea scrub treatment + 1hr massage at the hotel spa...i was so relaxed + the scrub did wonders to my skin.

Outfit breakdown:
Hat ~ Zara
Butterfly Top ~ Zara
Lace Skirt ~ Zara
30 Denier black tights
Lace up wedge boots ~ eBay
Belt ~ eBay
Bag ~ Alexander Wang Rocco

The Hotel:

We stayed at the Puli Hotel + Spa, an urban designed sanctuary in the centre of the bustling city of Shanghai! I had never seen anything like it before. We stayed in the Junior suite which looked like an apartment in itself! The room boasted lots of space with a separate lounge, dining, + bathroom/vanity area. Everything about the hotel was fabulous!
The huge room divided up by huge sliding screens.

 His + Her sinks....i want this is my house now! :)
 The bath was lovely, you could lie there overlooking the city or watch the TV which was in the wall straight in-front of you.
 We had the most amazing view of the city + JingAn Park (which is slap bang right in the middle of the busy city) It was lovely to see the tranquil greenery + busy streets. The evening view was out-of-this-world with all the flashing lights + big lit up screens!

 The hotel send up a bottle of champagne when we arrived which was so lovely of them.
 Chocolate brownie in bed anyone...?
 Happy Birthday to me :)
This cake was gorgeous!
 The Puli hotel has the most amazing spa facilities named 'Anantara Spa'. This is where i had my treatments on my Birthday.
The hotel is also equipped with a gym, sauna, steam rooms, jacuzzi, and swimming pool. The pool was beautiful, so relaxing.

Sight Seeing...
The unbelievably huge Louis Vuitton store in Shanghai which sadly was still in construction, but check out the size of it compared to the tall street lamps!

Crazy window cleaners hanging from ropes! Seriously that has to be dangerous...

We had the view of this amazing temple from our hotel room!

The statues were so huge, it was a real experience visiting this beautiful place.

At the Ocean aquarium.

This trip was amazing + i will never forget it.
Back to the real world now :)


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  2. Awesome Outfit.....


  3. looks like you had great bday china looks amaze x

  4. Awww you look so beautiful in your birthday outfit ^^ So happy you had a wonderful time <3 Thank you for sharing all these pictures with us ^^

    Xoxo Christine

  5. Love this..I went to Hong Kong in September & I'm hoping to go to China next September! Your hotel looked lovely! x

  6. oh my! this looks awesome. you look really cute too. what an amazing way to spend a birthday! so jealous x

  7. Oh my gooosh! Not only did you look adorable but that hotel is amazing~ Looks like you had a wonderful birthday <3 I agree with KLEE sooo jealous <3


  8. You look so amazing Imogen! Happy happy birthday! So glad you had a great time! xo

  9. happy birthday! looks like you had a great time, I bet it was amazing :)

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  11. amazing photos! wonderful look, you're so beautyful! kiss from italy!

  12. this all looks absolutely amazing! And what a gorgeous hat :D

  13. What an amazing hotel! That store looks unbelievable..
    Article Editor

  14. hehe
    Welcome to my home country!!
    Sometimes, the luxurious things in China I never experience in normal life here in europe:D Funny....

    And the hat is absolutely the key of the outfit!!

  15. Gorgeous outfit! That hotel looks amazing x

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  17. Looks like you had a great time on your trip, I just posted my pictures of a recent trip to Singapore!

  18. Hotel looks gorgeous :)

  19. I love your style! xoxo

  20. Hotel looks amazing! Your photos are such high quality!
    Lauren x

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  22. such a fantastic look and that bag is amazing xxxxx

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  24. Ahh as always hon you look stunning. China looks amazing and def on my list of places to visit :o)

    t xx

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    Fallow plz...

  26. wow this looks amazing!

  27. Omg, you looked sooo gorgeous and China seems beautifull as well <3 i hope ill go there one day :) ps. im in love with my foxylocks extentions they are awesome! best one i ever had! <3 xoxo cant wait your next vid :P

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  29. WOW it looks amzing there! and you looked stunning!

    Love your blog. Ive started a new one...would love it if you were my first follower :o)
    Take care
    Nats. x