Sunday, 12 September 2010

Charcoal Smokey Eye Make-up (Video)

I love the 'smokey' eye look, there is something very sexy and sultry about it! I like using charcoal eye-shadows rather than jet black to create a slightly softer look (especially against my blonde hair).

Products used:
benefit low profile eyeshadow
SedonaLace 120 Pro Palette Second Edition
GlitterGal eyebrow pencil - light
barry m liquid eyeliner - black
Models own big brush mascara
Models own black eye pencil
Models own white eye pencil
Foxy Lashes - Flirty Flare 02
Rimmel lipliner eastend snob
Michael Todd - Angel Lipstick
Michael Todd - Creme Glace lipgloss Clear-ly
Benefit Hoola bronzer

Video How-To:



  1. i love it ! please follow me gorgeous

  2. I will play your video over and over again in order to try to learn how to make a decent smokey look!! Seriously!!
    Love it, and your hair looks more beautiful every time a see it.

  3. you look so gorgeous <3
    Love your blog, im a new follower :)

    xo Christine

  4. I have always loved your videos so much! This is great. Once my hair gets a little longer, I totally want to get the Foxy hair extensions. You are so beautiful. I like your phone a lot, too! <3 I love putting crystals on things!!

  5. I love this tut! My husband loves this look but I could never do it well enough to bother showing him xp Thanks!

    Also, you should do a tutorial for the "hair head band" thing you got going on. I love that.

  6. Thank you girls! :)

    @BabyElephant The hair tutorial is on my youtube channel - i show how to do the hair headband :) x

  7. You look gorgeous!
    I love the smokey eye look xx

  8. Niceeeeeeeeee
    Join my CONTEST and win!!!!!!