Monday, 30 August 2010

Michael Todd Cosmetics Review + Swatches

I received a very generous amount of products from Michael Todd cosmetics, i have been testing these out for over a month now and it is time for my honest review!
Michael Todd Cosmetics offer a huge range of make-up, all of which is produced in USA. They carry many different shades and colours, visit

Above: Angel Lipstick
I love this colour, it's a nude pink with peach shimmer tones. The application was soft and didn't need much building up.

Above: Sugar Lips Lipstick
My fave colour, this one also had the nicest application - soft with a lustre finish. This is very similar to Angel but with less peach undertones.

Above: First Kiss Lipstick
This was my least favorite colour as it isn't a shade i would normally wear. Bronze tones rose colour.
All lipsticks come as a full sized bullet in a mini case - perfect for your handbag!
Above: Clear-ly Creme Glace

Above: Sugar Lips + Clearly
Clear-ly is gorgeous, i really like the colour and finish of this gloss, it comes with a sponge tip applicator (which is my least preferred gloss applicator) i found it did take quite a few coats to get a good build up but i think the sponge applicator is to blame for that. Other than that it's a great lipgloss! Non sticky.
Above: Glitter Pencil - Plum
Love how this pencil came out - i didn't have high hopes because glitter pencils are usually a let down but this one worked great! The colour is beautiful and the glitter comes out generously with every applications.

Above: Everything Stick - Trixie
I love the idea of the 'everything' stick, they say it can be used on eyes, lips and face. Trixie is a gorgeous colour, fab for achieving the bronzed goddess look. I would only use this on my cheek bones and eyes. Great highlighter.

Above: Under Eye Concealer - Light Cornsilk
My favorite product! I love, love, love this concealer, i have been looking for one like this forever! The application is lovely and quite thick - which is how i like my concealer to be, nice sized pot too! It reflects the light when i put it under my eyes to counteract dark circles. I would definitely buy this concealer again.

Above: Matte Eyeshadow - Coffee
The name sums this colour up perfectly, a rich deep brown. It's very pigmented and easy to blend. I like to use it on it's own and blend to create different levels of brown. Good sized pan.

Above: Long Wear Creme Eyeshadow - Michael Todd
This is such a beautiful plum shade, with slight shimmer. It applies well and stays on without much creasing (was very hard to remove which shows it is long wearing!). The only down side is the pot size - it's very small!

Above: Mineral Eyeshadow - Boca Chita Key
Beautiful base coat colour, natural beige/cream with shimmer highlight. Very soft application but also very messy. Paraben free.

Above: Tinted Gel Primer - Natural
I love this a lot! Perfect for on holiday, sunny days or as a base, it gives a gorgeous finish that is perfect for building a matte foundation. It blends easily and helps your top coat of foundation apply streak free. Kept my foundation on for longer too! Great primer and great price!

Above: Instant Fill Primer
As soon as i applied this my skin felt soft. Like most, I get laugh lines on my face, especially under my eyes and my cheeks, i found this worked pretty well. My expression lines didn't seem as noticeable. It is oil free which is fab for ladies with oily skin.

Above: Scintillant Illuminator - Light
Unfortunately this was a bit too dark for me even though i got the light shade. I like to apply this under my eye but i need it to be light to counteract dark circles. It was too greasy as well, making it slide around while trying to apply, which made it quite streaky. It's a real shame this didn't work for me, but you might love it!

Above: Bronzing Blush - Rose
Lovely matte blush, with pretty tones. Also has some gold highlights, only down side is it took too much building up on the brush to get a good application.

To sum everything up, i would say i was very pleased. The last two products were probably my least favorite but the rest i was very impressed with. I love the fact they have such a wide range of products and many different shades. Anything you want they are likely to have it! They also offer free shipping which is fab :)

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  1. I love Angel lipstick!

    Btw, I tried the essential shea & honey mask based on your post and absolutely love it!!

  2. loving the lippies <3

  3. Are you making a video of this?! pleaseeee!
    the angel lipstick is sooo pretty.

  4. It's all so beautiful. I enjoyed all makeup. You'll make a video?

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    And I liked very much their prices are quite affordable so soon proves that mark, of course I also use double wear is simply fantastic and a base that never abandons.

  6. OMG.. you got rip off on essential shea & honey mask from the ebay :( I got mines for $6.90 USD dollars on they sell all the asians products there. just to let you know.

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