Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bee Luscious Cosmetics - Garden Girl Palette Review + Swatches

I am so excited about this palette! When i first received i had a quick look at it and thought it was nice....not until i actually swatched it did i realise how amazing it was! The colours are so vibrant and very unusual. The fab thing about this palette is that it's an 'All-in-one' - you could literally take this anywhere with you (along with your other essentials) and you would be set. In the palette you will find sixteen full size eyeshadows, four full size blushes and two large lipstick pans - amazing right!? Yes.


As you can see from the swatches, they are so pigmented and vibrant - absolutely beautiful! The eyeshadows are a mix of different bases:
Polychromatic Shadows offer a prismatic mix of metallic and pearlescent pigments that bring light to the eye.
Dimensional Shadows have gloriously layered matte and pearl pigments and delicate light-catching reflects.
Sheer Satin Shadow gives sheer colour and a soft shimmer finish.
Mineral Shadows are soft shades with delicate shimmer.
Mineral Matte Shadow give a smooth velvety finish with a soft pearlescent shimmery undertone.


Mineral Matte Blushes are hypoallergenic, and contain matte pigments fused with the pearlescence of minerals giving a matte glow. Their soft, skin-smoothing texture leaves a finish, which highlights whilst deflecting light away from imperfections.
Mineral Blushes are skin-kind, easy-blending, long-wearing, satiny blushes and give a gorgeous shimmery light-catching glow.
Coral Sun is my absolute favorite! Looks fantastic with a tan.

Above: Tickled Pink

Above: Flamingo

Micro-Bubble Lipsticks offer rich creamy lip-loving colour. They feel so moisturising, and lovely. Of course my favorite is Tickled Pink!

I would highly recommend this palette to everyone, it does cost £67.50 but if you think about what you are getting then it's a great price - the products are also extremely high quality. There are no minis or samples, only full sized products!

You can get this palette from

What do you think?


  1. Wow! Everything is so pigmented! Such lovely colors too.
    I love tickled pink on your lips. :3

  2. was this sent to you.. its so nice but so expensive x

  3. The colours in it look so pretty! x

  4. Pigment quality is amazing, and I adore those lip colours on you! So pretty!


  5. It looks amazing!!!! they are so pigmented!!
    I love love love distressed khaki , moody blue and backstage blue...:X
    the pallette it's pricy but for that quality, it's worth it.
    Check out my blog too:

  6. Those colours are gorgeous!!!
    your not wrong about how vibrant they are, they look fantastic as a swatch, i would love to see them on the eyes.
    Thanks for sharing
    ♥ Bev

  7. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is amazing, the lippys look great on you too. x

  8. could you do a summer makeup tutorial using this palette :D xx

  9. WOW! the eyeshadows are sooo pigmented.I agree with tasha2307 you should do a summer tutorial using this pallette. There are some gorgeous colours in the pallete.

  10. I absolutely love the shades of that palette!!!

  11. These colors are so beautiful! I have to get my hands on this!