Sunday, 11 April 2010

Pretty Nails On A Budget: Eyeko Nail Polish

Eyeko recently contacted me asking if i wanted to try some of their products, i accepted right away. I have always loved the look of Eyeko products but i have never actually tried them - so i was so excited to be finally trying them.

I received 4 of the Limited Edition nail polishes. I couldn't believe how amazing these were - and i am not just saying that! These are only £3.50 and are almost just as good as all the high end expensive brands. The colours are beautiful and very 'in' right now. The consistency is a little thick but workable, they dry very quickly so it isn't a problem. I am so happy i have tried them, they are perfect!

Above: Vintage Polish
This is the perfect name for this colour, it is so pretty and unusual. It applies evenly with a lovely shine.

Above: Lilac Polish
Lilac is my favorite colour when it comes to nail polish, i love how it looks. This lilac is stunning and the consistency is perfect.

Above: Nude Polish
This is my perfect nude - although it does look quite a lot different to my skin tone in the picture, it matches quite well in real life. It has peach undertones and slight shimmer which is so pretty. The consistency is amazing unlike most other nude polishes - i wish i hadn't spent my money on OPI Samoan Sand and Coney Island Cotton Candy as this one is far better than them and a lot cheaper! If you're looking for a great nude i would highly recommend this.

Above: Purple Polish
This is a very moody fuschia purple, a great colour if you like darker nail polishes. The consistency is a little more gloopy for this one but it dries quickly and looks fab!

These polishes really are a must have - especially at only £3.50, they are most definitely worth it. They are also limited edition so get your hands on them quickly :)

Want a free gift with your Eyeko purchase? Use code: E8249 on checkout.

What do you think of them?



  1. They all look gorgeous with your skin tone! xxxx

  2. They all look gorgeous, I have been wanting to try some for ages. I've just recieved four new Models Own nail varnished so I am excited about trying them!


  3. These genuinely look really gorgeous! I have previously disregarded Eyeko, after trying a few of their products and being a bit unimpressed. But for £3.50...these seem to give a lovely colour pay off and a nice finish!
    I particularly luuuve the nude polish. It is a really unique colour and doesn't give you that 'mannakin' hand look that you sometimes get with a nude polish.
    Sorry about the essay. In short...I likey the looky of these! :) Fab review.

  4. i brought this a few months ago and ive been wearing the nude polish non stop! its so nice :) x

  5. These seriously look gorgeous. Note to self.. i must try eyeko nail varnishes, especially the nude one as it looks absolutly amazing! :).

  6. such lovely colours :) love the nude one! x

  7. They look great on your nails! And I love the Lilac too...I think I'll try them very soon! =)


  8. I'm like you...i've always liked the look of Eyeko but never really tried it. For £3.50 you can't go wrong with these polishes...i'll definately give these a try! I love the lilac and vintage colours!

    Thanks for doing such a fab review! x

  9. what cute colours! really like the first one x

  10. the Purple Polish looks soo nice :)

  11. these are really great pictures, even without the polish. If i would buy all colors; would you send me a picture of the amazing background?